Actor, Jon Voight- 'agenda-driven, liberal-media has distorted real threat of Islamism'

New cast-addition to FoxTV's "24" series, actor Jon Voight encourages the public to understand the "grace under fire" of the Israel he knows & loves.

At the celebrity-studded 23rd Israel Film Festival Gala in Hollywood, Academy-award winning actor, Jon Voight, spoke candidly about his experience of the true character of the 60-year-old State of Israel.

Recently-returned from a visit to Israel for its 60th birthday, Mr. Voight feels that Israel has borne the brunt of the mainstream-media's misunderstanding of Islamist imperialism's rejection of an autonomous, Jewish-led democracy in a region dominated by Islamic supremacism.

The true nature of Israel and its challenges- which Mr. Voight has experienced first-hand- isn't accurately presented by mainstream news-reportage, he asserts.

To obtain a truer understanding, he encourages people to visit Israel themselves- or begin by viewing some of the Israeli films featured in the Festival.

The Israel Film Festival would run in Los Angeles from June 11-26, in New York from Nov 5-20, and in Miami from December 10-18.

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