"Never Again" pledgers' complacent to it happening again

Existential pleadings from a Zionist in America to Israelis; and from an Israeli pioneer to world Jewry.

The Silent Jews by Jewish-American commentator, Adina Kutnicki, addressed to Israelis, in Israel National News

For an entire portion of the Jewish population to live under siege, while the remainder remains generally oblivious to their plight, is not only unseemly, but it places Jewish lives the world over in peril. Whatever is allowed to happen to a portion of Jews in Israel reverberates worldwide. For if Jews do not care enough to protect their own, surely the expectation for strangers to do otherwise is clearly whistling past the graveyard.

Furthermore, history will be totally unforgiving to this generation of Jews, who have been blessed to return to reclaim their homeland and to have the finest army in the Middle East, yet who remain passive as sheep to the slaughter. The calling to this generation of Jews - both in Israel and in the Diaspora - is to meet these deadly challenges we are faced with in a bold, resolute and unflinching manner. Our collective fate depends on how we answer the call to what history has placed before us, by confronting Israel's malignant leadership and our outside enemies seeking to destroy us.

Zionist Israeli pioneer and former Parliamentarian, Elyakim ha' Etzni, once among Hebron’s original settlers remains an important leader. A practicing attorney, he still remains a most clarion voice to the Jewish state and the world about the strategic necessity of supporting the Jewish return to their ancestral homeland, especially with regard to the nature of global Islamist imperialism. He summons world Jewry to step-up now in Israel's moment of need. Where is American Jewry? in the Jewish Press.

Mr. Ha'Etzni's presentation, "Worshipping the false G-d called 'Peace'" from the Knesset' Christian Allies Caucus 'Days of Elijah Symposium' '06, is excerpted here:
and here.

"We address our cries to those for whom Eretz Yisrael still holds a place in their hearts – and to their organizations and institutions. We ask them the following: Where are you in our hour of need? Don’t you know that if we sink, the ground beneath your own feet will quake? Have you not yet learned that the very fact that the Jews have their own country has buttressed your status in the Diaspora?

Don’t you understand the danger looming over Israel? The entire world, led by the United States, is hunting Israel down to wrest from it Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, the Land of the Bible – its entire raison d’etre as a Jewish state.

And faced with all this, you remain silent? Worse, most of your organizations support this anti-Jewish, pro-Arab policy! Today, missiles are flying from the ruins of Gush Katif and landing in the Negev. On the day that missiles are being launched from the ruins of the Jewish towns in Samaria, please don’t say, “We didn’t see. We didn’t hear. We didn’t know." You knew very well!

The Annapolis Conference, in which a blind, stumbling, defeatist Israeli government open to American pressure knowingly consented to commit national suicide, occurred in your country. Rice, whose total identification with Palestinian interests is patently obvious, is applauded by your audiences. And you call President Bush, the man with the “vision” of a Palestinian state that will endanger every city and village in Israel, “the greatest friend Israel ever had in the White House.” You say this when in reality (and history will be the judge) he is the first president openly and explicitly raising the demand and exerting heavy pressure to establish in our midst a devil, a dragon, a dybbuk – in the form of an Islamic, Arabic, radical terrorist state called by the false name of “Palestine.” That state would transform every day in the life of the Jewish state to Hell. And all this for the sake of a fictitious people and a fictitious land that never existed throughout history.

Many Jews in America have good reason to be embarrassed that the only organized American community supporting the rights of the Jewish people to its historic homeland in Judea and Samaria and its eternal capital, Jerusalem, consists of non-Jews. They are the Evangelical Christians. For Jews faithful to their patrimony, some Christian churches are more open today than many Jewish temples. Their organizations and media are more open to nationalistic Jews than are the mainstream Jewish establishment. They visit Hebron, Shiloh and Beit El – places that many Jewish leaders stay away from.

Everyone talks about the political power of American Jewry, but from here we see only the weakness and lockstep obedience to every presiding administration. We ask ourselves, “Why do Christian pastors have no inhibitions about criticizing their president regarding his policy toward Israel, while Jewish rabbis wouldn’t dare?” Please send comments to Zvi Katzover, mayor of Kiryat Arba, at Rivka@kiryat4.org.il.

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  1. Less than 24 hours later, “Inspired by Israel” had some 700,000 hits on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uijjgU7PB8c) and 1,500 comments, making it a “favorite” according to the site’s lingo. That was what we had hoped for.

    What we hadn’t anticipated was the hate. The vast majority of the comments, well over 1,000, were as anti-Israel as they come, and more filthy and anti-Semitic than anything I had seen before. This was not political polemic or passion, it was pure, unadulterated hate – and its purveyors were proud of the display.

    “Kill all the Jews,” “Israel is a cancer” – those were the “nice” entries that can be repeated.

    To increase the sense of having been invaded, our my.israel.org video competition website was hacked. Suddenly the titles were switched – from “My Israel Journey” to obscene hate-filled language about Israel and Jews. The first entry, my first shock when looking at the site, read “your security sucks and so does Israel.”

    And finally, back on YouTube, videos with similar titles started popping up next to the original Asper Institute one. “Re: How Does Israel Inspire You?” had a masked man asking in a low, slow, threatening voice whether you have ever had – as he presumably has – your mouth filled with blood. Another, which I didn’t watch, showed a pile of excrement with a blue Jewish star superimposed. Read more: