Failure opposing leftist 'double-think' on Palestine harms domestic, foreign policy; Jewish survival

The Jerusalem Post is reporting some debate over Prof. Robert Wistrich's remarks in Britain that the UK has become Europe's center of anti-Semitism.

One replier to Tom Phillips' article in the JPost, "British Jews are free from fear" named Avrom writes:

"I live in the East End of London, and I do not feel comfortable admitting my Jewish identity or wearing a kippah outside. I'm often stopped by (mainly Asian) youths and harrassed if I do. Police do nothing here - a couple of months ago a Jewish woman was beaten up by a group of youths yelling anti-semtic slurs and she was put in hospital. The police said they would not be carrying the investigation forward, despite numerous witnesses. This is not an isolated example. During a JEECS conference, the police security actually left when a group showed up, who then threw rocks threw the windows.

The Jewish Establishment's ineffectual response to years of the BBC's pro-Palestinian / anti-Israel rhetoric has contributed to a climate of Israel vs Palestine blood libel.

An Editorial in Big News Network.com attempted to excuse the Jerusalem Yeshiva massacre on the basis of Israel's occupation of Palestine. He also attempted to vilify Israel for the call for retaliation by Safad's Chief Rabbi, despite the Palestinians' apology.

Someone from DemoCast redressed him with a counter-Editorial.

Oil-sheiks' crusade to polarize/conquer Israel & the West via Palestine mythos

The Palestinians have been de-occupied in Gaza (Israeli-free) since 2-and-a-half years ago (prior to Hurricane Katrina!) Why won't they ever respect the safety of Israel and work to co-exist peacefully?

The true heart of the conflict is the Arab oil (and Iranian) tyrants' rejection of a Jewish state in their culturally Arab/Islamic-dominant midst. A successful, strong Jewish nation within the 'ummah' (Islam's perceived geosphere of dominance- aiming back to Spain), makes them appear (and feel) inferior. Moreover, it invalidates the Prophet Mohammed's commanded supremacism of Islam over other faiths and peoples.

The author lies by alleging the heart of the conflict is Israeli occupation - Israel withdrew defensive forces from Gaza almost 3-years ago as its concession towards peace. It gave the PLO a chance to prove its capability in readiness for peaceful 'statehood.'

Today, Palestinians use that conceded territory to rocket-attack civilians, kindergartens in the Israeli cities of Sderot and Ashkelon daily.

The Palestinian Authority is at war with Israel to conquer all Israel for Islam. 84% of the PA Arabs approved of the Jewish yeshiva massacre - of the slaying of 8 and the wounding of 9 more pious, teenage Torah students.

The Palestinians celebrated the massacre of Jews - with dancing and candy. They regaled in it. Hamas who first denied it, today proudly boasts responsibility for it.

The US 'road-map monitors' are chastising the PA for not fighting terror - for reasons that have nothing to do with training or equipment.

"Specifically, the Americans are concerned that the PA does not engage in the full spectrum of counterterrorism activities, including arrests, interrogation and trial, as it would if it were trying to eradicate the armed wings of Islamic terrorist organizations."

The Islamic-war strategy of attacking mercilessly when they have an advantage, while when they're subdued, cunningly seeking "Mercy" in order to re-arm and re-attack has historic precedent.

Only when Israel retailiates do Arabs (and their comrades) cry-wolf, with the canard of "seeking a peaceful and pragmatic solution to the Arab-Israel conflict."

Because if peace is what the Arabs (including the editorialist) really wanted, they've had 2-and-a-half-years to Israel show it. The sovereign country Israel is legitimately established, UN-approved, Israeli (not Arab) land. Palestinian-lovers: stop whining and attacking, and implement a viable, co-existable society in Gaza and W Bank instead of an armed struggle to 'liberate' Jerusalem (i.e. all Jewish sovereignty).

Stop pissing on the world's heads and blaming the 'rain' on Israel. Hamas and Fatah's quest is the merely the local front of the Global Jihad for Muslim supremacy throughout the world (funded by trillions of petro-dollars siphoned by the Arabs from the West).

The West is fed-up with giving Islamic supremacism the freedom / rope to hang us with. Your facade is exposed, the West is fed-up with unrest-driven oil-prices funding domestic terrorism- and we're finally defending ourselves against encroaching Islamist-supremacism double-think.

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