Insider leaks plans for Palestinian state

Secretive U.S.-backed discussion focuses on West Bank, Jerusalem as Checkpoints removed and Jewish settlements' defenses confiscated

Aaron Klein of WorldNetDaily reports: U.S.-backed negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians are expected to generate an agreement by the end of the year that would set up a Palestinian state in the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem, according to a source who has participated in the talks.

According to the source who has been playing a role in the meetings, the two sides are drafting an agreement, to be signed by the end of the year, requiring Israel to evacuate most of the West Bank and certain eastern sections of Jerusalem.

The source said Israeli community blocks in the zones of Gush Etzion, Maale Adumin and Ariel would remain Israeli while most of the West Bank and parts of Jerusalem will be slated for a Palestinian state.

In contradiction to statements by Olmert, the status of sections of Jerusalem is being negotiated but the specifics of any agreed-upon Israeli withdrawal is as yet unclear, said the source.

"It is understood [Jerusalem] Arab neighborhoods would become part of a Palestinian state," the source said.

The source told WND both sides agreed Israel would retain Jerusalem's Pisgat Zeev neighborhood, which is located near large Arab communities. Many of those Arab towns were constructed illegally on property owned by the Jewish National Fund, a Jewish nonprofit that purchases property using Jewish donors funds for the stated purpose of Jewish settlement.

At the same time, Israel Today reports: Israeli authorities in recent weeks began seizing weapons issued to Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria (the so-called "West Bank") to protect them in case of Palestinian terrorist infiltrations into their communities.

The move comes at the same time that Israel, under US pressure, is fulfilling its latest security gesture to the Palestinian Authority by removing from Judea and Samaria tens of military checkpoints and roadblocks meant to hinder the movement of terrorists.

In a letter this week to the Israeli army commander in charge of the region encompassing Judea and Samaria, Dani Daya, who chairs the council of Jewish communities in the area, expressed shock and deep concern that "these steps are being carried out...at the same time that unprecedented steps are being taken to ease the security restrictions on Palestinians."

Daya and others suggested that the parallel moves appear to have been coordinated to purposely undermine the security of Jews living in Judea and Samaria as the government tries to accelerate plans to surrender the area to the Arabs.

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