Tivo Alert: DemoCast discusses 'Islamism's Trojan Horse to Power' on TV's Inspiration Life Network Wed 9 April, 8:30 pm edt, 9 pm pdt

Part II of video

In 2005, DemoCast was among the first to enlighten the public via television to the nature of Islamist imperialism and the risks of Western concessions to appease it. Our forecasts regarding de-occupying 'Palestine' in Gaza proved accurate. Israeli cities now suffer direct bombardment. Jihadists throughout the world are emboldened to the justness of the Islamist quest to conquer Israel and dominate the world.

On Wednesday, we return to iLifeTV to discuss Islamism's success in garnering greater support and influence throughout the West (and the world) by co-opting the press' reportage of the Palestine / Israel conflict in order to stimulate anti-Israelism/anti-Semitism, and conversely philo-Muslim-ism.

Inspiration Life TV Network's 'Danny Fontana Show' airs on iLife TV on Wednesday, 9 April, 8:30 pm & midnight Edt; 9 pm Pdt. To confirm whether iLife is carried by your North American digital cable operator, check iLifeTV.com. Inspiration International is carried in Europe Friday Morning at 0800 GMT on BSkyB – Channel 767, HotBird6 – Channel 811 & Eurobird 1 and in Australia on Saturday 0800 on Optus B3.

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