Summer Arts Preview - Icons: Meyer Lansky and Daniel Pearl

Mike Burstyn IS Meyer Lansky - The multi-faceted Jewish performer portrays the enigmatic, American mobster icon as he endeavors to obtain refuge from federal prosecution under Israel's 'Law of Return'.

Burstyn's, 90 min, one-man show, "Lansky," premiered in L.A. and has already been reviewed by 2 Israeli newspapers, The Jerusalem Post, and YNet News.

"Who Killed Daniel Pearl" written by Bernard-Henri Levy

This well-researched investigation exposes the roles of Pakistan's ISI (the secret service), regional Islamist groups, al-Qaida, and ultimate Pearl defendant, British educated, Omar Sheikh - whom Levy alleges was an operative of both the ISI and al-Qaida and then takes the fall for both at the trial. A stark contrast to the Jolie flick of Mariane Pearl's tale.
In "An Unmighty Film," Debbie Schlussel deconstructs Brangelina's interpretation of Daniel Pearl's widow, Mariane's film, "A Mighty Heart," from a social and political perspective. Also, Youssef Ibrahim in the NY Sun writes: "A Mighty Heart Gives a Free Pass to Terror" http://www.nysun.com/pf.php?id=57207&v=6492603811

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