Israeli Hospital Saves Life of Palestinian Militant; Gaza Hosptial Patient and 2 Women Visitors Slain by Hamas

Life of Palestinian militant shot by own countrymen, saved by Israeli healers
by Charles Levinson in the UK Sunday Telegraph

In the Gaza Strip's Jab aliya refugee camp, Aref Suleiman was raised on Palestinian struggle against the Jewish state. Today he lies in an Israeli hospital bed, his body riddled with Palestinian bullets, his wounds tended daily by Israeli nurses.

For the 22-year-old Mr Suleiman, who was shot five times point blank by Hamas militants last month during a renewed bout of Palestinian infighting, this is not the Arab-Israeli conflict he learnt about as a child growing up in Gaza's desperate, rubbish-strewn alleys.

"Palestinians shoot me and Jews treat me," he laughs bitterly. "It was supposed to be different."...

Victims on both sides of the war's de facto frontline are treated side by side here. Five doors down from Mr Suleiman, Ludmilla Visiptzky, 60, awaits her third session of surgery to patch up the shrapnel wounds she suffered when a Palestinian Qassam rocket struck her home in mid-May.

Both confined to their hospital beds, the two patients have had little contact, but each knows the other is within shouting distance...

"The Jews are like honey, like flowers," he says theatrically. "They wash me, clean me, and change my gown every day. Even in my home, my own family wouldn't change me every day."

Hamas Assasinates Palestinian Patient in Gaza Hospital along with 2 Women Visting at Bedside - Gaza - Ma'an News Agency –

Gunmen disguised in Executive Force uniform invaded the Kamal Adwan Hospital and assassinated injured patient, Ramadan Sa'ed Ghaben, as well as shooting two women who were with him, on Thursday night.

The Palestinian health ministry condemned the attack and issued a statement warning that several hospitals and medical centres in Gaza are in danger of similar attacks.The statement added that such attacks are negatively affecting the work of medical staff, and hospitals are seriously considering ceasing work, in order to protect staff.

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