"America Will Submit to Islam," Predicts Renowned, Swiss, Social-Scientist

Islamist imperialism's progress in the face of western misperception is elucidated by Swiss, social-scientist and authoress of "Eurabia," Mrs. Bat Ye'or. In the July issue of the French-language, Israel Magazine, she explains the progress of the Islamist movement- of which the Organization of the Islamic Conference (which Blair, Bush, and Rice now attempt to get to accept Jewish sovereignty within the dar-al-Islam) is a part. (Courtesy GalliaWatch).

Question: - Is not the juridical conflict between shari'a law and European laws a slow-ticking bomb?

Bat Ye'or - "It is true that we use the same words: justice, peace... But in shari'a, the law of Muslims, peace means submission, above all. Therefore Arab countries will not be able to envisage peace until Israel is subjugated. ...

There is a real antagonism between the two cultures for which I see no solution. Everything in the non-Muslim world is founded on separation of powers and democracy while in shari'a it is first and foremost the primacy of religious law.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a drop in the bucket in the aims of the of the Organization of the Islamic Conference that seeks universal Islamization and the establishment of a planetary caliphate.

The subversion of the universities, of the media, of the churches, the politics of compromise, of concessions will eventually result in the United States following the lead of Europe in the submission to Islam."

Bat Ye'or appeared in Toronto this weekend. Read the transcript of her speech: Gates of Vienna: Bat Ye’or Speaks in Toronto

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