World's Fate Rests Upon Defeat of Islamists' War / Israeli Front- Physician & Statesman Dr. Arye Eldad

Zionist statesman & former IDF Chief Surgeon, Dr. Arye Eldad, exemplifies the humane essence of Israel, contrasted with popular misconceptions.

He personally heals the wounds of Palestinian terrorists injured in the process of murdering innocent Israeli civilians.

Here, he shines light on the true goals the Islamist conspiracy against Israel and de-programming a brainwashed Muslim world (& global media) to see that the key to peace lies in overcoming Muslim rejection of Jewish autonomy.

He discusses the Palestinian crusade to destroy Israel and the difficult steps Israel must take to defend itself from subversion from within, and from external threats in the absence of adequate U.S. support. He seeks international political support to keep Israel safe and secure.

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