Psychopathy, not Ration, Fuels Jihad

Sultan Knish and SandMonkey link the psychology behind the recent Egyptian sexual assaults against women and the Arabs conflict with Jews.
The Arab-Israel conflict has nothing to do with the tiny strip of land that Israel's few million Jews are sitting on, a strip of land you could drop into Saudi Arabia or Iran and spend weeks trying to find again. It has nothing to do with the supposed oppression of the Palestinians, considering that what's labeled 'oppression' would be a day at the beach in most of the Arab world. (Checkpoints, checkpoints! They're actually delaying them at checkpoints!)

Underneath it has to do with that same frustrated mix of rage, desire, envy and misery that coats the entire region. The frenzy of men madly assaulting women is not fundamentally different from the frenzy of the lynchers of Israeli soldiers or the rock throwers or the suicide bombers or the car swarmers or the mob tearing at the Ayatollah Khameni's coffin. It is not a condition Israel creates in its territory, but a condition endemic to the region and one that helps explain why Iraq is tearing itself apart in an uncontrollable frenzy of murder and mayhem the moment Saddam's iron hand was lifted from the populace.

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