Exempting Hate Speech

Newt Gingrich writes "Blocking the Speech that Calls for Our Death" in Human Events:
The fact is not all speech is permitted under the Constitution. The 1st Amendment does not protect lewd and libelous speech, and it should not - and cannot in 2006 - be used as a shield for murderers.


The above augments the points brought out by Andrew C. McCarthy in Commentary Magazine last March in
"Free Speech for Terrorists?"

"The nexus in militant Islam between advocacy and actual savagery is no longer contestable. It has been the subject of too much informed analysis and, more importantly, is an empirically demonstrated fact. ...

With an enemy committed to terrorism, the advocacy of terrorism—the threats, the words—are not mere dogma, or even calls to “action.” They are themselves weapons—weapons of incitement and intimidation, often as effective in achieving their ends as would be firearms and explosives brandished openly."

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