Menorah Displays 'A Sign of the Times'

Fracas at Sea-Tac: Black Hat Gets Eye-Black; Airport Resurrects Tree Back

Media's anti-Semitic distortion of 'equal-access holiday display' imbroglio portrays 'Shylock as Scrooge'-- ruining Christmas-- which has ignited anti-Semitic expressions throughout North America.
Coal-soot tarnishes Diaspora Jews' rose-colored, social-acceptance outlook.
Jewish Establishment's public-relations management effectiveness trial-tested.
(from The Seattle Times) "Mr. Robert Jacobs, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, said more than a dozen organizations or rabbis had reported receiving hate e-mail. His organization was advising local Jewish institutions that have received significant numbers of hate e-mails to consider having security during Hanukkah and other holiday-season events."

Photo: Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky's Jewish beard is not-in-fashion
for 'multi-culturalist' holiday equality.

Commentary: The Jewish parties involved have sued no-one, endangered no air-safety, yet earned wide revilement; but fundamentalist-Muslim- Imams threaten the in-flight, terror-behavior threshold, then sue the airline to cry "wolf" to reduce true, terror-threat reporting, which actually does endanger air-safety. Ought North Americans re-adjust their concern towards truly 'religious' challenges in air-travel?

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