Islamists damn Palestinians as Jihad propaganda device to malign Israel & rebrand ethnic war vs Jews as 'liberation'

The fundamentalist Islamist ego, shamed by the socially-progressive (but religiously-inferior) Jewish self-determining culture in their midst (the Islamic "ummah"), seek to fulfill their religious (and cultural) mandate to subjugate them:

* Through character-assassination (by perpetuating Palestinian 'victim-hood' & framing Jewish-state for hypocracy)

* in order to garner international support & pressure for their ongoing, war-of-attrition to weaken Jewish resolve against cultural/political advances, and territorial-concessions in anticipation of coming, Islamist, military onslaught to conquer the Jewish state.

Arab victimization of Palestinians is demonstrated in this documentary "Hostages of Hate" by Pierre Rehov. Please share trailer.

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