DemoCast's 5 most-watched articles and original news videos of 2018

Top 5 most-watched, 2018 published, DemoCast news articles

British-Israeli survivor of Palestinian terror campaigns to end incentivizing Muslim hate and violence

Most-watched, 2018- produced, DemoCast videos 

"The Fight of Our Lives" audience Question and Answers at US premiere w/ Victor Davis Hanson (Part 2 of 3)

Jennifer Harrison defends Pres.Trump at Beverly Hills leftist protest

Special mentionRecorded in Summer 2015, but revived in ABC News's coverage of the her allegations of spying.

Sexpot, Russian spy, Marina Butina, poses question to candidate Trump (and how he responds)   

What the 26-yr old Russian alleged spystress, Marina Butina, asked candidate Donald Trump at FreedomFest in Las Vegas in July 2015 - and how Mr. Trump responded. Original DemoCast video broadcast was incorporated into ABC World News Tonight, July 18, 2018 and numerous days subsequently on the morning and evening news.

The echo-chamber of whomever individuals "Follow" on social-media reinforces a mono-view which gets influenced rarely upon stumbling across (or being shared by a friend or YouTube suggestion) a news story from an independent, alternate perspective publisher. This is the need which Democracy Broadcasting fills. Most of the 800,000 views of our video-news in 2018 came from YouTube suggestions and browse. One in five viewers shares what they watch on DemoCast.TV with a relative or friend. Then they become subscribers to our pages, which we have grown for video on Facebook in 2018. 

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