Israeli archaeologists uncover evidence altering assumptions about Jesus' life

Today, many Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem walk the Stations of the Cross, or Via Dolorosa, taking them from where it is believed Roman procurator Pontius Pilate held the trial and sentenced Jesus to death, to where Jesus was eventually crucified and buried.

Archaeologist believes he’s found site of Jesus’s trial by Pontius Pilate" by Ben Sales 4/5/15 The Times of Israel

Jerusalem Old City dig uncovers 2,700 years of history, with layers from the time of the First Temple through the Roman, Crusader and Ottoman periods.
In one 49 meters by 9 meters (160 feet by 30 feet) space, Amit Re’em unearthed an archaeological timeline of Jerusalem dating back 2,700 years. Layers from nearly every era of the city’s history lay on top of each other, from the time of the First Temple through the Roman, Crusader and Ottoman periods, and up to Israel’s independence in 1948.

Re’em also believes the room may have been the site of Jesus’ trial by Pontius Pilate. Pilate would have tried Jesus in a prominent location like Herod’s palace, Re’em said, noting that the original route of the Via Dolorosa that Jesus followed to his crucifixion passed the spot where the Kishle now stands.
At the NRB Nashville Proclaim conference in Spring'18, CBN News' Chris Mitchell introduces Israeli historian and tour guide Shachar Shilo. Mr. Shilo shows the Zionistic Christian  audience the part of King Herod's palace where archaeologists with Re'em have uncovered evidence where Pontius Pilate tried Jesus - now part of the Tower of David Museum. Shilo gives you a look inside the Tower of David Museum.  

Shachar Shilo presented this talk and video at CBN's luncheon honoring Israel's 70th Independence Anniversary in Spring 2018 at the National Religious Broadcasters' Convention in Nashville.

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