Victoria Jackson condemns liberal TV "elites" polarizing Americans over socio-political values

Patriotic actress, Victoria Jackson appeared in Troopathon with
Andrew Breitbart from the Nixon Library in Southern Calif.

Victoria Jackson: SNL and NBC's leftist elites exploit jobs to vilify Republicans, reverent Americans, independent thinking.

At the Proclaim '18 broadcasting convention in Nashville, former Saturday Night Live entertainer, Victoria Jackson, decried how liberally biased SNL and NBC have become since her years on SNL. Ms. Jackson was snubbed by cast-members at the "Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special" and wrap-party because of her religious and social-conservative viewpoints. See DemoCast's coverage from Proclaim '15: 'Why NBC snubbed me from "SNL40" Saturday Night Live star, comedienne, Victoria Jackson
Marie Golden, Victoria Jackson, Scott Jenkins, John Golden
at NRB Proclaim '18 Convention in Nashville

Ms. Jackson offered particular criticism for later-coming SNL alumnus (now host of "Late Night with Seth Meyers") on NBC, whose producers (and managing executives) profess commitment to "diversity," yet mock diverseness of conservative social, religious, and political views in our free-society.

Victoria Jackson shares the background of her book, "Lavender Hair," of insights in life she gleaned during her bout with breast cancer. We also discuss her relationships with former SNL cast-members, Jon Lovitz and Dennis Miller.

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