Rational Repubs wrestle with anchor-teens taunting Trumpers in California

"Go back to Europe!" Latinos antagonizing outside of Trump-rally get physical when countered by diverse immigrants' knowledge, arguments 

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, speaking to about 3,000 people in Anaheim, California (and partially broadcast live on CNN) offered an anti-immigrant message in a majority Latino city on May 25th.

Bandana masked Latinos confront Trump supporters at Disney-area rally

Citizens on all sides of the Trump spectrum clashed in and outside the Convention Center, as police from Anaheim and other cities, as well as Orange County sheriff’s deputies, used horses and riot equipment to control the crowd.

Pro-Trump attendees responded, "USA! USA!,” to protesters taunting them with, "Fuck Trump!"  a couple of fireworks exploded.  

Trump rally exitees confront Democrat antagonists in original DemoCast video. Two, Ventura college students say that, in the absence of police protection separating the clans, Bernie Sanders supporters drew switchblade knives against the Republicans. 

Several supporters and protesters nearly came to blows as the two groups screamed obscenities at each other. 

Around 2 p.m., police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly and ordered people to leave, closing down a stretch of Harbor Boulevard. 

Youths cursing around family tourists were asked by an Hispanic-American adult to curb their vulgar tongues. They tore his Trump sign from his possession and ripped it to pieces.

The protesters and supporters eventually moved onto Harbor Boulevard as Orange County Sheriff's deputies and Anaheim police began moving forward. Boris Kushnir, a legal immigrant from the former Soviet Ukraine, had attempted reasoning to defuse the confrontation of aggressive supporters of Bernie Sanders antagonizing Republican rallyers. 

As riot-police marched us away, Mr. Kushnir publicly challenged Bernie Sanders to a debate regarding the realities of a Socialist society. 

Fourteen people, including nine adults and five juveniles, were arrested Wednesday following Trump’s speech.

Mrs.Mara of Rancho Cucamonga spoke of the many minority supporters for Trump inside the rally, including Asians and Latinos.

As proof of the devotion of Latinos FOR Trump, she left her home before 6am in order to guarantee admittance into the free, noontime rally. 

Mara said, "We need change, different. This country is free, but you don't come over here for gimme-gimme. America is no sugar-daddy no more. You need to work and come here legally. And I'm Hispanic! I love Trump!" She added, "I like him, he is a leader, he is my president!"

Employed text from The Orange County Register "Donald Trump in Anaheim: Police Arrest 16 protesters at day, evening rallies" 27 May 16  Contributing writers: David Montero, Chris Haire, Scott Schwebke, and Brian Whitehead.

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