Republicans try to caution Pride-Fair revelers of Islam's threat to LGBTQ. Hours later, Muslim massacres over 100 gay men in Orlando

Islamic Sharia law forbids homosexuality, condemns violators to
be killed through fire or being cast off a cliff or roof

At LA Pride Fair, Nestor Moto, Jr. stands-up for Donald Trump's candidacy 
Hired-protestors rallied with "Dump Trump" placards at the entrance to the L.A. Pride Fair on Saturday 11 June 2016.  Only hours later, at the Orlando Pulse nightclub, Muslim-Floridian, Mr. Omar Mateen would  massacre 52 people and murder 49 others. The majority of Pride Fair attendees range from liberal to far-left - most of whom we spoke with seemed oblivious to Islam's mandated punishment for homosexuality.
LA Pride lesbians placate Matthew Craffey's outreach before Islamist massacre

At the Log Cabin Republicans' booth at the Fair, both liberal and conservatives posed for photos on the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton cut-out wall.  Only the Republicans we asked were familiar with the Islamic dogma to killing homosexuals- and recognized why Mr. Trump's policy for a moratorium on Muslim immigration from countries with inadequate background-checking was in LGBTQ's own best-interest.

Dr. Tawfik Hamid: Sharia Compliance Is a Death Sentence for Gays, ‘You Have to Throw Them from the Top of a Cliff or Burn Them Alive’ 
by John Hayward in Breitbart.com 13 Jun 2016 
Dr. Tawfik Hamid, one of the world’s leading experts on radical Islamist ideology, joined SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Monday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily to offer his analysis of the Orlando terrorist attack at a gay nightclub.

“As I see it, it’s simply sharia in action,” he said, dismissing a variety of other half-hearted explanations offered for Omar Mateen’s murderous actions. “He is practicing sharia law, Islamic law, that until today — up until this very moment — justifies killing gays.” 
He said some Islamic scholars may attempt to claim that what Mateen did is “un-Islamic,” but that’s really just because of the execution method he chose. “From their point of view, to kill gays in an Islamic or sharia way, you have to throw them from the top of a cliff or burn them alive,” he explained. “To throw them from the top of a mountain, or a cliff, to have their bones broken, and then let them die in pain, or burn them alive – that is the Islamic way.” ...

Hamid said the real problem is “the ideology that can spread to us via the Internet, or physically via terrorists, through immigration — through many jihadis to infiltrate our border through refugee issues, for example, coming from unknown areas in the world that can harbor terrorists.” 
“They are a real threat, both physically and ideologically,” he warned.  Bannon asked Hamid if the U.S. media was effectively operating under “blasphemy laws” already, by refusing to discuss Islamist ideology, instead frantically seeking other explanations for Mateen’s atrocity — everything from mental illness to steroid abuse.
Hamid agreed that the media was trying to make the situation appear “un-Islamic,” but “irrespective of what they are saying, the reality is that it is Islamic, as it is told in the Islamic books, and certainly the media is not really trying to address the issue in an honest and scientific manner.”
“They are trying to use it politically. They are trying to dilute what is happening, to avoid any backlash against the Muslim community. But believe me, things will not change until the Muslim leadership, and the Muslim scholars, and organized relations, clearly and unambiguously denounce the barbaric sharia principles of killing gays, of killing apostates, of stoning women to death, of declaring jihad and taking sex slaves after declaring wars on non-Muslims.”

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