Experience the defense of freedom- with servicemembers & veterans aboard Battleship Iowa Museum

Andy Bossenmeyer introduces WWII radiomen to visitors
On Memorial Day weekend, veterans of US Naval battleships came to teach visitors aboard the Los Angeles Battleship USS Iowa Museum- accompanied by patriotic, period-music from the Andrew Sisters-inspired, The Lindy Sisters trio.
During World War II, the USS Iowa served as the communications ship for the USS Missouri- the ceremony on which Japan unconditionally surrendered to the Allied Forces.  

The Museum's Andy Bossenmeyer took us on an informative tour, introducing us to several Navy veterans- including radioman Don Fosburg who served on the Missouri during the surrender, and Bryan Moss, radioman on the Iowa during the Korean War

Battleship USS Iowa is a popular Los Angeles museum that provides a glimpse into the past through a unique experience aboard the only battleship museum on the West Coast. 

Your get to explore life at sea for thousands of sailors over the past 70 years, while interacting with numerous exhibits using our state of the art interactive tour app, and following a clever mascot dog named Victory on a popular scavenger hunt. 
Maj. John Roeder teaches about Iowa's global voyages 

Known as the Battleship of Presidents, USS Iowa is located at the LA Waterfront, former home to the US Navy Pacific Fleet and an area rich in maritime history.

During Labor Day weekend, the Iowa will participate in Fleet Week - an annual patriotic tradition where active military ships recently deployed in overseas operations dock in a major U.S. city for one week.

Popular Fleet Week destinations include San Diego, San Francisco and New York. 2016 is the first time Los Angeles has hosted an official Fleet Week event.

The event, which runs from Sept. 2 to Monday Sept. 5., is free to the public. It includes various locations along the L.A. waterfront, including the Los Angeles World Cruise Center, Battleship Iowa and Downtown Harbor in San Pedro.

Fleet Week is hosted by the Port of Los Angeles, and the event's partners include U.S. Navy, U.S. Navy League, U.S. Marines, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army, USO, Downtown San Pedro Business Improvement District, San Pedro Chamber of Commerce and Battleship IOWA.

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