Univ of Calif Irvine threatens to arrest Dr. Terry Jones, candidate for US presidency, for speaking-out on campus against Sharia

The Univ of Calif at Irvine has earned a reputation for enabling pro-Islamism, but anti-American and anti-Israel activities, speakers and events.

Radical Islamist critics of America and Israel have been welcomed to speak and agitate on the campus. Muslim and leftist enemies of America, Israel, and capitalism are permitted to hold prominent, vitriolic exhibitions and rallies in the center of the campus.

UCI police threatened not to protect, but to arrest Dr. Terry Jones & Pastor
Wayne Sapp for speaking on campus without permit the school won't grant
The Muslim Students Union was found guilty of conspiring to thwart an invited address by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren last year- and suspended for a semester (under that name).

Dr. Terry Jones, Independent presidential candidate and leader of Stand With America Now ("SWAN") had intended  to speak at the "soap box" outdoor forum at the "flagpoles" on the Univ of Calif at Irvine campus on December 1st. His group says that they filed the necessary formal requests- but the college did not respond and did not reply to their follow-up inquiries.

They announced that they would be seeking to stage a small outdoor forum anyway, but the Administration did not respond.  Muslim activist groups, however, were organizing a counter-protest to the SWAN appearance. On the night before the scheduled rally, sheriffs from Irvine phoned and offered Dr. Jones and Pastor Wayne Sapp to escort their car to the University campus. Militant Muslims have announced a $2 million dollar bounty for anyone to kill Dr. Jones, and specific threats came in related to his appearing at UCI.  When the sheriffs arrived, they informed SWAN that they would be bringing them to meet with the UCI Campus Police first.

(From right:) Rabbi Nachum Shifren with Pastor Wayne Sapp 
The campus police told them that the University had denied them permission to speak, and moreover, that there were security threats made if Dr. Jones were to appear on the campus- which could be a threat not only to the SWAN visitors, but to others. asked them to withdraw from the campus, and when SWAN confirmed their intention to speak publicly, the Campus Police cited them for non-consent to withdraw. The police further warned Dr. Jones and Pastor Sapp that, in the interest of public safety, the administration was banishing them from the State University campus. Police threatened to arrest them not only if they tried to speak at the flagpoles, but if they were even found in a vehicle anywhere on campus within the next 7 days.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren, a candidate for US Senate from California who was on campus waiting to watch the SWAN forum, was told by police that there would be no rally and that he was considered trespassing.  Campus police physically escorted him off of the campus. He compares his experience here with Pastor Sapp.

Rabbi Shifren relates his opinion about why UC Irvine's chancellor had campus police deny the SWAN's campus access. Shifren believes that political-Islamic groups and financiers have an influence on creating the strong, pro-Islamic academic and social atmosphere at the Irvine branch of the Univ of California.

Dr. Jones discusses the administration's selective banning his presence, and discusses the message that the school censored Stand With American Now from presenting. Was the school prejudiced in denying Dr. Jones' free-speech message?

Pastor Sapp discusses the SWAN views that Muslims challenge with violence.

Dr. Jones and Pastor Sapp give their view of the message that the UCI imbroglio conveys- that all sides of controversial speech should be welcome dialogue on campus- and that the the public should demand that the university administrators provide ample protection for controversial conservative speakers, as they do for controversial Islamist speakers.

Are campus administrators obliged to have taken sufficient safety precautions in order to ensure SWAN's ability to speak on the campus?

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