Ice-sculpted from chainsaws and blow-torches, menorahs illuminate celebrations

Chabad Rabbi Tzemach Cunin lights Chainsaw Chicks'
ice-sculpted menorah for Chanukah 2011 in L.A.
Artists craft, ignite, then, demolish giant ice-menorah in L.A. Chabad Lubavitch gives Los Angeles, a city more accustomed to sand-sculpting than ice-sculpting, its first hand-crafted ice-menorah. The menorah draws attention to the history of the Maccabean Jews of Judea who fought the Syrian Hellenists to rededicate the Second Temple in Jerusalem, 165 BCE.

Rabbi Tzemach Cunin leads the ceremony which featured traditional oil-cooked foods, potato pancakes and jelly-donuts. The Chainsaw Chicks crew wowed the attendees with their custom designed, outdoor crafted, ice-menorah- which for safety reasons, they publicly demolished as the conclusion of the festivities. The event is captured here on video.

In related news, YNet News, Danny Adeno Abebe reports that an 'Ice City' is to be built in Jerusalem
Israel's capital to host its first ever ice festival in March-April 2012, including frozen sculptures of important sites. 
Jerusalem will host the first ice festival in its history in March-April 2012. It will be held at the city's old train station plaza and will include an exhibition of Jerusalem's most famous sites, all carved in ice, and many attractions for visitors. 
The sculpture exhibition will display Jerusalem's most unique sites, including the Tower of David, the Israel Museum and the Light Rail. Visitors will enter the complex through an icy "Jaffa Gate" and pass through a route including ice slides and other attractions linked to the different displays.

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