Chankuah's lessons for today (hint: it isn't a Jewish version of Christmas)

Most people assume that Chanukah is the Jewish holiday equivalent to Christmas, just as Passover is the predecessor of Easter. South Park had some fun with this here.

But Hanukah Harry (Rabbi Moshe Parry of L.A.) teaches us that the story of Chanukah (which translates as re-dedication) is more about conservative dedication to Torah (bible) principles in the face of pressure to assimilation to multiculturalism among the Syrian Greeks for personal aggrandisement.

(Glossary: Torah= Biblical law; Eretz Yisoel = The land of Israel; Beis ha Migdash = The Holy Temple; Avraham Avinu = Abraham, our father; Shabbos= The sabbath; Bris milah = ritual circumcision; Kashrut= kosher dietary laws; Kohen Gadol= Great Priest; Avodah= devotional prayer; HaShem= the name of G-d).

So you see, remembering Judah and the Maccabees fighting to preserve God-given rights, liberty, and culture is a long-honored tradition we can take inspiration from to protect Israel and Anglo-Saxon culture in our own time.

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