Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, pays tribute to America on Independence Day; reminds Americans that Israel is "steadfast ally and friend" and that it is "American power (which) ultimately keeps the enemies of freedom at bay"

PM Netanyahu spoke on July 1st at the American Ambassador James Cunningham's residence in Israel in honor of U.S. Independence Day.

"Our (the Jewish people's) tragedy is that the U.S. did not dominate the first half of the 20th century. And what a difference the rise of America has made in rolling back totalitarian forces and standing up for liberty. And now, at the first half of the 21st century, the U.S. is still entrusted with the difficult task of defending freedom and defending peace. American power still ultimately keeps the enemies of freedom at bay. Netanyahu quotes Pres. Abraham Lincoln who remarked: "The United States is the last, best hope on earth."

He continued, "The intervening century and a half has confirmed that analysis. The Jewish State in particular owes a great debt of appreciation and gratitude to the United States. For decades, the U.S. has helped Israel meet the enormous challenges we face. It has helped us bear the heavy burdens of our defense. It has helped us feel secure enough to take risks for peace. It has helped us negotiate that peace and then make practical arrangements to cement it on the ground.

Israel, in turn, has proved to be America's steadfast ally. A friend and an ally. We fight common enemies. We uphold common values - deeply shared by our people and our societies."

Netanyhu calls upon Palestinian Pres. Abbas to meet him face to face to begin direct peace negotiations. "I am ready to meet him any time and any place."

On behalf of the citizens of Israel I wish you Mr Ambassador- Jim (Cunningham), Pres. Obama and the American people a wonderful Independence Day!"

This video shows last year's reception at the U.S. Embassy in Israel. It includes remarks from Ambassador Cunningham. "While our histories are different, America and Israel have much in common. Our shared values and commitment to democracy (and) the rule of law bind us together."

P.M. Netanyahu concluded, "A friendship anchored not in transitory interests, but in eternal values and timeless ideals. These common ideals of liberty and democracy are the foundation of the deep and enduring bond between the U.S. and Israel. Happy Independence Day, America, and may G-d continue to bless America and our profound friendship."

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  1. Former Ambassador to the UN Dore Gold speaks on MSNBC about the Obama-Netanyahu meeting in Washington and the state of the relationship between the United States and Israel. DThe two countries share commons interests and strategic goals, he says.