Caroline Glick crusades for objectivity in reportage about Palestinianism vs Zionism

A mixed-faith audience of West Coast, pro-Israel activists assembled in L.A. to meet with Jerusalem Post political affairs analyst, Caroline Glick. In this 4-part speech video, the Center for Security Policy's Ms. Glick alleges that the mainstream media has been co-opted by a nefarious political campaign to defame Israel's legitimacy. She explains this political agenda and some of the techniques employed:

1) Hiding material facts,

2) Distorting truths / lying, and

3) Holding Israel to an unrealistic double-standard.

In this video, she condemns the global and domestic Israeli media obsession pushing for two-state "solution", despite years of Palestinian evidence contradicting willingness to co-exist with a Jewish state. She explains her strategies behind the Israeli "Saturday Night Live" - style "Tribal Update" from the Latma.TV satire and parody group to mock the press' leftist bias - and plans to bring it onto Israeli TV.

Filmed live in Los Angeles on Wed 21 July 2010. Organized by the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, L.A.. (Update Fri 23 July: We have complied with Doris Wise Montrose of CJHSLA's request to suspend screening our video of Ms. Glick's speech).

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