New 30-min series addresses Jihadism, Middle-East policy, and the path to World War III

On this week's edition of Stakelbeck on Terror, CBN News' Erick Stalelbeck sits down for an exclusive interview with Nadim Gemayel, a Christian member of Lebanon's parliament who says the terror group Hezbollah has hijacked his country -- and he aims to take it back.

Gemayel, whose father and cousin were both murdered by Syrian thugs, also addressed the destructive influence both Syria and Iran are having inside Lebanon.

We then take an exclusive look at how Iran's regime is targeting Iranian dissidents inside the U.S. with help from the international police organization Interpol.

Plus, Left Behind author Tim LaHaye talks about his new bestselling fiction novel, Edge of Apocalypse. LaHaye and co-author Craig Parshall also discuss the world's turn against Israel and America's role in Bible prophecy.

CBN News then goes "Inside Israel" with Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell for a look at Turkey's recent turn against Israel and embrace of the Iranian axis and what it could mean for the Middle East.

Also, don't miss retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin as he takes on the proposed Ground Zero mosque. Boykin, a founding member of Delta Force, says the mosque will embolden Islamic radicals and ultimately endanger American lives.

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