Exclusive video interview: Pat Boone: 'Islamists, Iran exploit Obama's philo-Islamism, miso-Zionism - to imperil global stability, security'

Legendary star of music, TV and movies from the 1950's-60's, Pat Boone, 75, today remains an insightful, political commentator. Mr. Boone is knowledgeable on global Islamism in politics, and as a conservative Christian, acknowledges Islamism as a theo-political force among Muslims throughout the world (including the West) to revolutionize democracies.

At the David Horowitz Freedom Center's premiere of  Muslim psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan's treatise, "A God Who Hates," Pat Boone explains how Islamists, particularly Iran's Mullah-ocracy, exploit Obama's philo-Islamism and miso-Zionism - to imperil America's stability and global security.

Mr. Boone perceives the Muslim world's campaign to capture Jerusalem as part of the movement to conquer the Jewish state of Israel. He cautions viewers of what he sees as Obama and the nations' (U.N. & EU) actions to weaken Israel through establishing an Islamist Palestinian reichlet as part of a metaphysical conspiracy against the God of Israel. His columns may be read on NewsMax and World Net Daily.  Another Democracy Broadcasting News exclusive video.