Israel, the vanguard against Islamist imperialism, provides new air-security methods to allies

Islamic militantism (which the world used to disregard for being directed only against Israel) today threatens all the world. Draconian measures of invasive, full-body x-ray scans are being expanded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Will "profiling" Muslim passengers for security consideration be politically acceptable and functionally effective? Or will Islamic terrorists avoid detection by arming alternative ethnicities?

El Al Airlines' retired Chairman, Izzy Borovitch, and CEO Offer Gat, discussed the difference between airline security and airline security with DemoCast.TV earlier this year.

Isaac Yeffet, former director of El Al Airline's security and today a security consultant, explained to Fox News Israel's air-travel security techniques which, he believes, could benefit every country.

Mr. Yeffet criticizes some of the security-mania measures which the Dept of Homeland Security is implementing and offers alternatives.