L.A. Iranian protestors tell U.N.: 'Ahmadinejad is already waging Holy War against you'

Why does Iran want nuclear weapons?

"Obama and the Politics of Concession" by Mark Helprin in the Wall Street Journal Sept 23rd, 2009
With both a collapsing economy and natural gas reserves sufficient to produce 270 years of electricity, the surplus of which it exports, Iran does not need nuclear electrical generation at a cost many times that of its gas-fired plants. It does, however, have every reason, according to its own lights, to seek nuclear weapons: to deter American intervention; to insure against a resurgent Iraq; to provide some offset to nearby nuclear powers Pakistan, Russia and Israel; to move toward hegemony in the Persian Gulf and address the embarrassment of a more militarily capable Saudi Arabia; to rid the Islamic world of Western domination; to neutralize Israel's nuclear capacity while simultaneously creating the opportunity to destroy it with one shot; and, pertinent to last week's events, by nuclear intimidation to turn Europe entirely against American interests in the Middle East.
In this DemoCast exclusive video report on CNN's iReport, Iranian-American Muslim, Christian and Jewish protesters join at the Federal Building in West Los Angeles to denounce the U.N. General Assemby address by President Ahmadinejad, of the ruthless Islamic Republic of Iran regime. The protestors call upon world leaders to stop ignoring the ruthlessness which the Mullahs' regime employs to increase their power - and spread the Islamic revolution globally through violence and intimidation.

A heated argument erupts when a Muslim Iranian ex-pat challenges an Armenian-Orthodox Christian Iranian - when the Christian explains the Mullahs' danger to the world - in the context of historic Islamist imperialism - international conquest by force and intimidation - which is how Islam was spread throughout Persia.

The Iranian-Americans welcomed some American Jews from Stand With Us to join with them in appealing on the U.N. and global leaders to take the regime's apocalypticism seriously - as part of the Holy War they are conducting to spread Islam over the West. Some young Israelis join in to express their concern over the White House's (and the global community's) laxity in imposing sanctions against Iran for its weaponizing violations under the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty - which many believe the Holy Warrior regime is preparing to weaponize and put into Islamist- terrorist hands against the West.