Documentary explores Jihadism in history and contemporary society

Who is at war with democracy? Why? "The Third Jihad" explains the religio-political Jihadist movement seeking political and cultural dominance over the West (which includes modern Israel).

The documentary film, "The Third Jihad," features Muslim-American reformist, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, exposing the character of the Jihad movement to spread Islamic rule throughout the world. The current Jihad (manifested in the chronic Islamist war to conquer Israel, the 9/11 attacks on NYC, D.C. and Pennsylvania, London's 7/7 Transport bombings, and the Islamist wars to control Iraq and Afghanistan) renews an historic precedent of 1400 years to spread the dominance of their version of Islam.

The film features Muslims and Islamism-experts explaining and demonstrating the goals of Islamic transformation among the non-Muslim world.

The Third Jihad is available to view online for free between September 9 - 12 2009.