Courageous approach to overcome "racism" which polarizes and stifles society

Veteran, Black community activist, Ted Hayes, challenges slavery shibboleths utilized to manipulate both black-ambition and white-guilt into a polarized America.

Europeans, not white Americans, were responsible for capturing and bringing Black Africans into slavery in America, Mr. Hayes asserts. While it is true that 1.4% of white Americans actually employed slaves, a full 50% of white America did fight and die in battle against their cousins in the South to free black slaves and grant them citizenship under the U.S. Constitution.

It is time for today's blacks, Mr. Hayes feels, to reconcile with whites and overcome a taught racial schism which he feels is impeding social progress in this country. Hayes believes that this is the crucial step towards overcoming the inhibiting of honest debate of Pres. Barack Obama by threats of labeling critics "racist."

Hayes intends for his movement, America's Black Shield, to serve as the catalyst for healing - to overcome the stigmatizing of civil debate over Administration policies. He plans a rally in Appalachia to release the stigma of racist guilt of debating Obama policies openly.  Hayes made these remarks on Sunday 13 September at the Tea Party Rally in West Los Angeles.