Appeasers' disproportionate obsession with Judean communities; 'We're the frontline against Islamist conquest of the West,' settlers profess

In the Jerusalem Post: 'Settlement obsession disproportionate'
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman asked cynically whether "on the background of what happened today in North korea, which fired three missiles, after all the warnings and sanctions by the international community, it is appropriate to continue obsessing with the same house in Yitzhar, Tekoa or Bet El."

"Is this not out of proportion? Should this be the top of the international community's agenda after the recent events in Teheran? We need to explain to our true friends, the US and Germany too, that we cannot suffocate people, and life, in the territories."

Lieberman also said the new government in Israel was elected so that it could negotiate a "give and receive" peace deal with the Arabs, and not a "give and give some more" deal.
World leaders believe the true impediment to thwarting Islamist imperialism is whether this mother of six children adds a bedroom to their home.

Meet Mrs. Nadia Matar - grassroots, nationalist-Israeli activist, of Women in Green. Watch the evolution of the Jews legally living in Judea and Samaria. They see themselves as 'settlers' who cultivate their land,. Their enemies malign them as settlers of others' land.

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