Christian lobby in Washington cautions Wahington to direct ire away from Israel, and towards Iran, the PLO, & other Zionism-rejecters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a speech via satellite to the Christians United for Israel conference in Washington that the growth of Christian support for Israel is a sign of the "changing" relationship between the two religious groups. 

Welcoming the prime minister, CUFI founder and chairman Pastor John Hagee told him that "50 million Christians" support "Israel's sovereign right to grow and develop the settlements of Israel as you see fit and not yield to the presssure of the United States government." (JTA)

CUFI's Night to Honor Israel aired Tues 21 July at and should be available on DayStar TV's archives.

Executive Director of Christians' Israel Public Action Campaign, attorney Richard Hellman explains the what, why, and wherefore of the justification for westerners to advocate support for Israel's (and not Palestinian) best interest.

Founded in 1989 by Mr. Hellman, CIPAC seeks to advance a better solution than giving territory to terrorists as a means of solving the Mid-East Arab - Israeli Conflict. It calls upon Congress to re-evaluate past U.N. resolutions and other documents that require an exchange of land for peace or would create a Palestinian state. This is critical in light of the continuous terrorist attacks on Israel and the lack of anything that can be called real peace. Israel already has relinquished more than 90% of the land they regained in 1967.

They ask Congress to re-evaluate the Palestinian leadership that has not acted against terror or shown any willingness to unite and build a true democracy based on tolerance and liberty, or even a viable economy, despite vast amounts of U. S. and other foreign aid. Congress should recognize that the Palestinian Authority has not produced a Constitution advocating real peace and acceptance of the Jewish State.

In line with recognition of Israel as the sole sovereign nation West of the Jordan, CIPAC advocates an end to foreign aid for the PLO and other terrorist entities, placement of the U. S. Embassy in Israel's capital, Jerusalem, closure of the UNRWA Palestinian Arab refugee camps, and full rights for Israel in the United Nations.

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