Int'l experts on Mid-East explain why "two-state" will be no solution for Judeo-Christian sanctuary in Israel

In "Why a two-state solution?" editorial in The Jerusalem Post, lawyer and author Dr. Tilman Tarach, argues from Germany:
In reality, the only viable option, which not even the Palestinians can raise reasonable objections against, is the following: The West Bank (or large parts of it) is united with Jordan, and Gaza with Egypt. (When, in February 2008, the Palestinians overran the Egyptian border fortifications into Sinai, their rallying cry, addressed to the Egyptians, was: "We are one people.")

According to surveys, 30% of Palestinians living in the West Bank are in favor of such a solution. But it meets with resistance from the Hashemite dynasty of Jordan, which fears for the loss of the throne ...

All the well-known Palestinian groups demonize such a plan:  The creation of a second Palestinian state next to Jordan has always been just a pretense for them to conceal their anti-Israel policies, and the recognition of Jordan enlarged by the West Bank as the state of the Palestinians would deprive them of this pretense.

Their real objective has always been the destruction of Israel and, with their phony anger at the "Zionist arrogance," they would still pursue this goal even if the Jews of Israel retreated all the way to Masada or Tel Aviv. 
Dr. Tarach has authored both, The Dishonesty of the So-Called Left in the Middle East Conflict and The Eternal Scapegoat.

Brig. Gen. (ret) Rev. Jim Hutchens of The Jerusalem Connection International warns Americans to stop forcing a Palestinian state out of Israel's heartland. He argues why he believes that a "2-state" solution is premature and would cause worse problems now than it could solve. He argues that America should concentrate first on containing the Palestinian regimes through dis-armament to setback their crusade to conquer the Jewish state. Filmed at CPAC March, 2009 in Washington, D.C.

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