Texan pro-Zionists urged to return to caucuses to reject anti-Israel Resolution in primary election

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Texans Urged to Caucus Tues Eve to Block Vile, anti-Israel Resolution

(JTA) The head of a Texas Jewish federation warned of an anti-Israel resolution in the state's caucuses.

In an e-mail Lee Wunsch, the president and chief executive officer of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, urged Jewish voters to vote Tuesday, and particularly to return to caucus that evening after the polls close.

In Texas, evening caucuses, or "precinct conventions," follow regular daytime voting.

"We have strong indications that a vile, anti-Israel resolution will come up in some precinct meetings," Wunsch wrote. "In previous election cycles, similar resolutions have come forth in both the Democratic and Republican caucuses. So please, regardless of your political preference, take the time to vote for your candidate of choice and be prepared to defend Israel at your caucus."

Wunsch also provided instructions for voters about how to participate in Texas' two-step contest. The unique primary-caucus hybrid has sown confusion across the state in advance of the highly contested Democratic battle between U.S. Sens. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY).

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