How the press' complicity in Palestinian 'defense' damages society

As Europeans continue to downplay the connection betwen the press' systemic libeling of the Jewish State (deconstructed in the case of France2TV's Mohammed-al-Dura libel suit) and the climate of anti-Semitism throughout Europe, the Paris suburb of Bagneux delivers yet another pathetic proof: an anti-Semitic torture crime from the same town that Ilan Hamili was tortured to death in two years ago.

The European Jewish Press reports, "Six youths from the southern Paris suburb of Bagneux, aged 17 to 25, are accused of locking up 19-year-old Mathieu Roumi in a storage room on February 22, beating and sexually tormenting him.

Aged 17 to 25, the six youths -- who knew the victim -- had falsely accused him of stealing from them in order to lure him into a trap, judicial sources said. Once he arrived in the apartment of one of his aggressors, the young man was handcuffed on a radiator and beaten.

With a pen, the aggressors scrawled "dirty Jew" and "dirty faggot" on the face of their victim. Later they forced him to swallow down cigarette butts and to suck a condom on a stick.

The man's ordeal reportedly lasted nine and a half hours. He was later hospitalised "in a state of shock". The Jewish community of Bagneux is comprised of some 100 Jewish families."

Who created the climate for this 'special punishment' of Jews in France? Israel-vilifying at the expense of Palestinian sufferage has been the narrative in European media reporting for years. The Intifada was created by Yasser Arafat in part to publicly damn Israel by creating that image for journalists.

Though the Palestinians were presumed to be provoking these damning events (few, like, Prof. Richard Landes revealed that they were even staging them. But no one believed that the press themselves would actually demand video that was damning - to help the underdog Palestinians by turning the world against Israel (simultaneously feeding their feed their blood-lust against the Jews).

Even the French courts, upon forced examination by Charles Enderlin's libel suit against Philippe Karsenty, wish to reject the Zionists' claim of journalistic conspiracy. But famous ballistics expert, Jean-Claude Schilinger, finds that the Israeli forces could not have killed Mohammed al-Dura. He further finds that there was no evidence that Muhammad was actually even killed, nor his father injured, as reported by Enderlin on France2.

Why is exposing the press' fraud & complicity in the al-Durah case so significant? Is it just because the Palestinian blood-libel results in antipathy towards French Jewish citizens?

1) The case reveals the corruption and complicity of the trusted, objective, journalistic industry- which the public relies upon to deliver truth and reality, instead turning them into agents of propagandized blood-libel; which created a self-perpetuating, media-vilifying against Israel and it's perceived Christian supporters. Charles Enderlin may consider himself Jewish, but he marches to the 'Liberal' Media party cadence; in this case, 'sympathize with the Muslims: victims of natural, villainous, Jewish oppression. Hence, the Europeans eliminate their inherited guilt of their grandparents' having turned-in their Jewish neighbors for torture and genocide because they didn't believe in Jesus as Messiah.' Hence, the world can no longer trust its independent journalistic institutions (AP, AFP, Reuters, and the local news outlets which parrot their stories) to represent objectivity in cases involving 'imperialistic Judeo-Christian America and Israel;

2) It globally defames the Jewish nation, Israel, with a fabricated (seemingly incontrovertible) icon of hypocritical brutality and immorality; and criminalizes Jews (and their State) to justify pariah-punishment from all ethical people;

3) It mollifies the world from challenging Islamic political and social imperialism- whether manifested in:

a) the quest for the cultural and relgious Islamicization of Western societies,

b) the Muslim crusade to 'reconquer' Jerusalem by establishing "a Palestinian State," with Jerusalem as its capital; and even

c) Iran's apocalyptic Mullahs' impending triggering a global nuclear war, seeking to conquer the Islam-rejecting, America, and the State of Israel in the name of Allah the Almighty."

4) The libel verdict against fraud-exposer Philippe Karsenty represents a victory against truth and reason. This portends for ill for Jews during a period when an Islamic-Western oil-axis influences public sentiments about either not offending Muslim sensibilities (fundamentalist oil-price setters, defamation-litigating front-groups like CAIR, MPAC, and MSA or the abundance of Muslim immigrants worshipping in Muslim Brotherhood-extremism-inculcating outposts), or pleasing the West's new bosses - as politcal Islamist equity (thereby influence) permeates throughout Western economies, institutions, and society.

Consequently anti-Semitism in the US is increasingly rabid and spreading. But, as in Nazi Europe leading to World War II, it portends the decline of ethics and reason in society. Islamism is on the march. What is scapegoating for, if not to deny an inconvenient reality?

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