Easter feature: Reforming Christian anti-Semitism

"Righteous-Gentile" authority, JoAnn Magnusson, calls upon Christians to reform scriptural mis-interpretations which have been utilized to bias and harm Jews through the ages. Working on behalf of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusale and Israel's Holocaust Museum- Yad Vashem, she calls upon Christian groups to reform theological bias responsible for millenia of persecution of Jews.

Ms. Magnusson is dedicated to repentence and reform for crimes against Jewry committed by Christianity through the ages. She has led Christian groups marching alongside Jews to the Auschwitz to Israel, 'March of the Living' a dozen times. Ms. Magnusson seeks dialogue with secular and Christian groups. Please comment for contact info.


  1. Lady, get a real cause. Anti-semitism isn't coming from christians, it's coming from Islam.

  2. Her cause is very real. While you personally may not believe you possess anti-Semitic attitudes (and you may not like being personally attributable for an inherited guilt by association) please open your mind to the existence of an historical and still clear and present danger within Christianity towards Judaism, Jewish people and Israel.

    Merely Google "Christian Anti-Semitism" and explore the numerous links. A basic place to start might be the Centre for the Study of Historical Christian Antisemitism. Start with their Table of Contents, Links, and progress through their bibliography.

    If you're reading this site, you may consider yourself a Conservative Christian.

    Tom W. Smith of the University of Chicago published in the Review of Religious Research, "The Religious Right and Anti-Semitism"
    "The Religious Right and Anti-Semitism"

    The relationship between the Religious Right and Jews is complex and multidimensional. General measures of social and political tolerance show little difference in how the people associated with the Religious Right and others evaluate Jews. On measures focusing on Jews and Israel members of the Religious Right are more supportive of the special Biblical status of Jews than others are (e.g. more supportive of the idea that God gave Israel to the Jews).

    But members of the Religious Right are less favorable than others concerning various social and economic statements about Jews. In particular, the Religious Right is much more supportive of the idea that Jews need to be converted to Christianity.

  3. Great article "Anti-Semitism and the Religious Left" by Dr. Earl Tilford, Grove City College

    For a generation after World War II, particularly given revelations of the Holocaust, most American Protestant denominations embraced a more tolerant attitude toward Jews. Since the 1980s, however, there has been a marked shift, evident in the anti-Israeli positions adopted by more liberal denominations like the United Methodist Church (UMC); the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in America (ELCA); the Episcopal Church in the United States of America (ECUSA); and the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (PCUSA).

    Read entirety:

  4. Democaster:

    The comment above is classic. Islamic jew hatred has allowed alot of Christians to absolve themselves from 2000 years of genocidal anti-Semitic. Now they can blame it on the Muslims, who learned most of it from Christians in the 20s and 30;s from Hitler.