How to Free America of Dependency on Hostile, Foreign Oil Influence - Dr. Gal Luft and Edwin Black honored by A.J.C.

America has been railroaded by pro-Oil commercial interests into dependency on hostile countries for our energy needs. The American Jewish Congress featured Edwin Black (author of "Internal Combustion") who explains how it happened.


Mr. Black is joined by co-honoree, Dr. Gal Luft (Executive Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security) in providing solutions. Dr. Gal Luft writes: "The shift from oil will bring about significant geopolitical changes and could reshape America's strategic landscape in a way more conducive to prosperity and global security. Shifting to next-generation fuels will allow more countries to generate growing portions of their energy needs domestically. The U.S. and its allies will no longer be forced to fight oil wars in the Middle East or be subjected to supply disruptions and price manipulations as during the 1970s-1980s. Above all, a shift from oil is the best weapon against America's enemies, who derive their power from oil and use it to fuel terror and spread hatred toward our nation.


Moving beyond oil could be our best economic stimulus. Every industrial and technological revolution in history brought with it an economic boom. The energy revolution will likely do the same. Building an infrastructure for mass production of next-generation cars and fuels would generate millions of jobs around the world, and revitalize the automobile industry as well as other related industries."

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