'Islam Justifies our Extortion and Murder of Christians & Jews'- Apartheid Palestine

Palestinian-incited persecution of Christians and Jews bodes ill for Secy Rice's mandated Palestinian independence. An example of life for secularists, reform Muslims, and non-Muslims under Islamist societies.

2 videos from Christian World News, courtesy of Ritter1001.

Caroline Glick discusses the treatment of Jews in non-Jewish areas of Israel (in the Jerusalem Post) in her column: Our World: Israel's anti-Zionist leaders.

From October 26-30, a mob of Druse villagers in Peki'in in the Galilee launched what has all the markings of a pogrom against the four Jewish families in the village. They burned their cars and surrounded and torched their homes.

The police took a full day to come to the Jews' defense. And when they did, the Druse mob kidnapped a policewoman and only set her free in exchange for their cohorts who had been arrested. The police then set about evacuating the Jews from their encircled homes and did nothing to prevent their homes from being destroyed by the mob. ... Read full article.

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