American Annapolis protestors: 'Coercing Israeli concessions to Jihadist enemies endangers world to emboldened Jihad'

Bred to conquer the Jewish state for Jihad for Allah (i.e., global Islamic conquest), Palestine has proven unfit in fulfilling peace commitments, claim Americans protesting the Annapolis Summit. While some argue that Israel surrendering communities would facilitate a less hostile Hamas, others condemn Washington putting Israel under duress to surrender vital strategic attributes towards continued exploitation by the global Islamist movement.

One of the protest's organizers, Bob Kunst of Shalom International, accuses Bush of hypocracy by violating his own policy to ostracize entities who aid and give comfort to terrorism, as attendees Abbas's Fatah party, Syria, and Saudia Arabia have been accused of. Peace-niks argue that Jewish concessions will appease the crocodile.

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