Biden administration attempts coup against Israel's new government for restoring true democracy

by Guy Milliere (in auto-translated from the original French in LeDreuz)
Since the Israeli right won the parliamentary elections on November 1st, and Binyamin Netanyahu - after having been defamed, destabilized, incriminated in court for essentially non-existent reasons, removed from power, replaced for a year by an opportunist, Naftali Bennett (a right-winger wearing a reversible vest, ready to form a government that looks like a piece of junk dominated by the Left, and powerless - both in the face of a Biden administration hostile to Israel, and in the face of the rise of murderous anti-Jewish terrorism), Binyamin Netanyahu was able to form a coherent government. Yet, the Israeli Left shows that it is ready to imitate the American Left in matters of ignominy and irresponsibility.
Interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid said as soon as the election result was known - that the government Binyamin Netanyahu could form would be legal, but "not legitimate" and would pose a "danger to democracy." Since then, he has made equally vile and inflammatory remarks. Several former IDF chiefs of staff have called for civil disobedience and urged the army to disobey government orders. Demonstrations have been held every Saturday night in Tel Aviv to denounce the government in very vehement terms, and "Palestinian" flags are unfurled alongside Israeli flags. Calls for insurrection have been made several times.

French law-professor, Guy Milliere, wrote
"Twilight over Europe"about Islamo-Marxism
encroaching throughout western societies 

The main reason given is the reform of the Israeli Supreme Court that the new Israeli government wants to carry out, and disinformation on the subject in the European press and in the American left-wing press is rife. One could imagine, reading what is written, that the new Netanyahu government wants to abolish the rule of law in Israel and install an authoritarian regime, and the incessant use of the expression "far right" to describe this government is supposed to install in people's minds the idea that Binyamin Netanyahu is a fascist. The truth is, of course, very different, and the European press and the American left-wing press cannot be counted on to say it.
Prof. Guy Milliere, in this November '20 video interview, discusses Western politicians' peculiar support for CCP-backed, apocalyptic Iranian Mullahs and their jihadist terror armies pursuing conquest of Israel, Egypt, and the Gulf oil states.

The Israeli Supreme Court was created as soon as Israel's independence was proclaimed. The Left was then in the majority in Israel and the justices of the Supreme Court were left-wing, but at the time, the Israeli Left was a lucid Left about the dangers weighing on the country, and responsible: the threat from the Arab world was blatant and potentially deadly for the newly born State of Israel, the "Palestinian people" had not yet been invented. It was obvious that Israel had to fight to survive.

There came a time when the Israeli Left began to see its power erode.

The Israeli right won elections for the first time, in 1977, and Menachem Begin became prime minister. He remained so for six years. Yitzhak Shamir succeeded him and was in power until 1992 (the Left, led by Shimon Peres, was in power for only two years between 1984 and 1986, and Shamir was in power from 1983 to 1984, and again from 1986 to 1992). The year 1992 saw the return to power of the Left, and Yitzhak Rabin became prime minister and signed the disastrous Oslo Accords, which led to the return to the Middle East of terrorist gang leader Yasser Arafat, the creation of the Palestinian Authority, and an atrocious wave of murderous attacks in Israel. 
Rabin was assassinated in 1995, replaced by Shimon Peres, for a period of six months, and since 1996 the right has been in power almost without interruption. Binyamin Netanyahu was in power three years first, from 1996 to 1999, Ehud Barak succeeded him for a year and a half, which gave him time to make a suicidal proposal to Arafat and abandon South Lebanon to Hezbollah, followed by Ariel Sharon, a man of the right (even though he made a disastrous decision by abandoning the Gaza Strip to "Palestinian" terrorism). Ehud Olmert, a man from the Israeli right succeeded Ariel Sharon (he was a man of the right without backbone and who turned to the left, certainly), Binyamin Netanyahu was in power continuously from 2009 to 2021.

The Israeli Left saw its power erode because Israel moved away from socialism, turned resolutely to capitalism and became a great power in all sectors of high technology, but also because the Israeli Left ceased to be lucid and responsible and began to practice appeasement in the face of terrorism, which cost the lives of too many Israelis.

A system of co-optation allowing the appointment of judges to the Israeli Supreme Court, the latter remained on the left and ceased itself to be lucid and responsible, and the left gradually losing power, the court became a left-wing counter-power to right-wing governments and began to carry out an obstructionist action that exceeded its mandate.

And the man who embodied the implementation of this obstruction action was Aharon Barak, who became president of the Israeli Supreme Court in 1995 and held the post for 11 years. The Israeli Supreme Court blocked laws that did not violate fundamental principles of law, made rulings favorable to dangerous terrorists, and stopped respecting the separation of powers and arrogated a share of legislative power and attempted to cripple the Executive Branch.

The new Israeli government is trying to do what is long overdue. Unable to reform the Supreme Court, he intends to restore the separation of powers as it exists in all states of law worthy of the name. The Israeli Left, on the other hand, wants the Supreme Court to remain almost all-powerful because it is a blocking instrument in the hands of the Left. But it clearly wants more.

It wants to bring down the new Israeli government and regain power through demonstrations, disorder, chaos, rioting, therefore by undemocratic means, and want to overthrow a democratically elected government, which respects democracy and does not take any anti-democratic decisions by undemocratic means has a name, this is called a coup attempt. This is not said at all in the European press and in the American left-wing press, of course.

What is also not said is that the disorder sown by the left in Israel is funded by American left-wing Jewish organizations, but also, according to all available data, by the Biden administration. Which means the Biden administration is funding a coup attempt in Israel.
See related story from Daniel Greenfield in JNS: Biden administration funds anti-Netanyahu protest groupA coup in Israel is backed by Washington, D.C.  2/21/23

Israel’s new conservative government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has finally initiated the long overdue process of restoring democratic checks and balances by limiting the unlimited power of Israel’s Supreme Court.  And the left has threatened everything up to civil war to protect its illegitimate power, while its angry protests have been spun as grassroots opposition. 
What none of the news reports, editorials, public letters by prominent figures or statements by officials have revealed is that the Biden administration is funding the group behind the protests.  
... Why does the Biden administration want Marc Rich’s errand boy to oversee judicial reform? There’s a long trail of corrupt connections between the American and Israeli left, rooted in the Clinton era. This “hostile takeover by a bunch of crooks” has wrecked both countries. And now the crooks are afraid, they’re sweating and screaming in the streets, they’re paying formerly respectable people to pen editorials attacking judicial reform, and some people are falling for it.
Everything that they’re saying is the opposite of the truth.
Judicial reform is not a threat to democracy: it’s the sole hope for restoring democracy. It will not usher in tyranny but eliminate it. And the protest movement against it is every bit as authentic as the last astroturfed protests that were also meant to force out Netanyahu.
The Biden administration, like the Obama administration, is trying to undermine Israeli democracy while preserving the power of its leftist allies to impose their coup. 

And there is a reason for this: the Biden administration has not given up trying to sign an agreement with the mullahs' regime and has an extremely ambiguous behavior vis-à-vis this abominable regime. The Biden administration would also like to see the creation of a Palestinian terrorist state (it would necessarily be a terrorist state, since it would be a state entrusted to the Palestinian Authority, which has never renounced terrorism, and the Biden administration has not asked it to renounce terrorism, nor have European leaders). The Biden administration wants a left-wing government in Israel lying before it and is working to ensure that a left-wing government returns to power, by all means. Capital flight is currently taking place in Israel.

The Biden administration has absolutely no qualms about totalitarian leanings. It helps Ukraine, which is constrained and forced. It does not give Ukraine all the means to win quickly, as I wrote a short time ago. And because it wants to sign an agreement with the mullahs' regime, it has not reinstated the sanctions that hit the regime, which it lifted in 2021. It does not say a single word about the fierce repression of the Iranian population by the mullahs, which continues and leaves dozens dead, and thus shows that it does not care about the murderous disrespect for human rights. It continues to want to negotiate with the mullahs, although the mullahs are arming Russia with which Ukraine is at war, and it says nothing about the armaments supplied by the mullahs' regime to Russia when it is supposed to support Ukraine against Russia.

Nor does it say anything about the fact that Russia continues to provide nuclear assets to the mullahs' regime in exchange for the weapons received. It says nothing about the mullahs' incessant threats against Israel. The Biden administration wants a government in Israel that would endorse Israel's vulnerability.

The Biden administration reinstated, as soon as it took office, the financial aid granted to the Palestinian Authority, which Trump had suspended, and the Palestinian Authority has received since January 2021 a billion dollars from the Biden administration. Some of this money is used to fund anti-Israel terrorism, and anti-Israel terrorist acts have risen sharply since the money was paid to the Palestinian Authority. Since January 1, 2021, 14 Israelis have been killed by "Palestinian" terrorists, including two children aged six and eight. The money donated by the Biden administration is the color of Jewish blood shed by murderers.

If Biden went to Kiev eight thousand kilometers from Washington, DC, he still has not gone to East Palestine in Ohio (450 kilometers from Washington, DC) where the derailment of a train carrying chemicals caused, a month ago, a major pollution with very heavy consequences for the population. It took Trump going to East Palestine and rescuing the people for the highly incompetent transportation minister in the Biden administration to get there. Many Americans are outraged, and rightly so, and say the country has gone from America First under Trump - to America Last under Biden.

There is really nothing to save in the Biden administration, absolutely nothing.
Yagel Yaakov Yaniv (20), who was murdered along with his brother Hillel Menachem Yaniv in the shooting terror attack yesterday (Sunday) in Huwara was due to complete a Jewish Red Cross (MDA) Emergency Medicat Technician (EMT) course in Hadera this week. Hillel and Yagel, residents of Har Bracha, were buried Monday in Har Herzl in Jerusalem.

Update: Two Israeli Jews were killed by a "Palestinian" assassin in Samaria, near the Arab village of Huwara. Angry Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria went to the village of Huwara and ransacked it. The assassin came from Huwara and the Arab inhabitants of Huwara celebrated after the assassination. The reaction of the Jewish inhabitants of Judea and Samaria is understandable and legitimate. Successive Israeli governments have not shown enough firmness vis-à-vis "Palestinian" terrorists and murderers. The death penalty should be applied systematically to such people. The new Israeli government is thinking about it, that's fine. And if Israel decides to return the corpses of murderers and terrorists to their families, adding pork to the shroud would be a wise decision. 

French (and most Western) journalists who cover the subject, of course, present the "Palestinian" murderer as a victim and those he murdered as "settlers". For French journalists who cover the subject, Judea and Samaria should be ethnically pure of any Jewish presence and experience an anti-Jewish ethnic cleansing so as to become Judenrein, an expression once used by a certain Adolf, who was Führer in the 1930s. They never call Judea and Samaria by name and speak of the "occupied West Bank" or "occupied Palestinian territories." 

They are (sarcasm) obviously impartial and not at all hateful towards Israel.                                                                                    

  © Guy Millière for Dreuz.info. Republished with permission.

Nearly all international reportage (including French-Jewish-owned,  Israel-based i24) by TV news on the subject has been biased against the Netanyahu Coalition, with the notable exception of CBN Christian Broadcasting News. 

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