Is the Democrat Party Administration's devolving America accidental or intentional? Stephen Coughlin, political-scientist

Stephen Coughlin, Esq., political scientist at Unconstrained Analytics.com addressed the "Global Puppeteers" Conference organized by the American Freedom Alliance in Southern California prior to the November 22 election. In a conversation which followed his talk, Mr. Coughlin expressed concern that the elites who imposed lockdowns and pandemic restrictions are losing their grip on power. 

Coughlin suggested that there may be a larger agenda at play, citing figures like George Soros who have spoken about a "Global Reset." While COVID-19 has impacted the world, Coughlin questioned whether it was truly a global phenomenon. 

He also expressed concern that there may be an agenda to bankrupt America and install socialism or communism, suggesting that the left already controls all lines of operation. 

Coughlin expressed skepticism that the Kamala Harris generation could "close the deal" and consolidate power. 

He also suggested that America is already a surveillance state and that the elites are attempting to lock in their control. Overall, Coughlin's comments suggest that there may be larger forces at play behind the pandemic and the political response to it.

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