Leftist leaders drag L.A. Gay Pride Parade into anti-Trump ResistMarch; Resisting everything (except Muslim homophobia)

The Los Angeles pride parade was renamed the ResistMarch, and tens of thousands turned out, some carrying rainbow flags or signs reading ‘‘Love Trumps Hate’’ through Hollywood on Sunday 10 June. Speakers included US representatives Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Maxine Waters.  Associated Press June 11, 2017

Since Hillary Clinton's electoral defeat, the Democratic and liberal/left parties have agitated to turn public support against the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Soros-funded, Alinsky communist agitators, Workers World Party (who also protested Mr. Trump's inauguration) consumed the traditional (LGBT) Pride Marches under the brand of RefuseFascism.Org - led #ResistMarches in various cities.
William F. Jasper wrote in The New AmericanN.Y. Times Aids Communist-socialist-feminist-LGBT-anarchist Plans for Inauguration Day Mayhem" Jan 6, 2017
Who is behind WeResistTrump? The group’s website lists a single “organizer”: the Workers World Party (WWP). And who is the WWP? Not exactly a household name, the WWP is a small, hardcore communist party that has gained enormous influence over the past two decades by creating front group coalitions that exploit hot-button issues guaranteed to rile up the most combustible Clinton-Obama Democrats: open borders, LGBTQ issues, anti-war, “racial injustice,” anti-police, “social justice,” global warming, etc. The biggest coalition launched by the WWP comrades is ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), which has been a key leader of many aggressive (and often violent) demonstrations from the Iraq War protests to Occupy Wall Street occupations to pro-immigration (i.e., pro-illegal alien, pro-amnesty, anti-deportation) rallies to climate-change sit-ins.

Even when various events downplay (or omit altogether) the organizing leadership of WWP/ANSWER, their handprint is evident by the mere fact that a sea of black and yellow (the WWP color scheme) placards dominate the event. Here’s another “clue” for the clueless reporters of the establishment media: Those black and yellow signs invariably have “ANSWER” and “www.answercoalition.org” printed on them somewhere that is plainly visible. It’s really not that difficult; even a Journalism 101 student should be able to follow the trail.
CA Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff  (Mark J. Terrill/AP)
Rep. Adam Schiff (D- L.A.) elucidates issues motivating Resist March'ers at LA Pride weekend

The new march in L.A. is commonly referred to as the "anti-Trump March." Rep. Adam Schiff shares some of the issues he believes that the L.A. Pride organizers are offering an outlet to address in replacing the traditional Pride Parade this year with a social-political "Resist March."

America Ferrera opposes nationalism (conservatism) at L.A. Resist March

America Ferrara promotes liberal immigration policies and stridently talks "love" over her anger towards Trump and people who don't hate Pres. Trump. Even LGBTQ are sanctioned as separate, out-of-step and loathed at this left-ized rally at the Resist March outside the LA Pride Fest in West Hollywood, California.

Gay Latinos at LA Pride deny Orlando Pulse professed jihadist's motive

Drummed-up by the anti-Trump "Resist March" gay Latinos antagonize Log Cabin Republicans' Pulse Foundation Memorial to victims of professed Islamist, Omar Mateen. They deny Islamic homophobia and Mateen's confessing devotion to ISIS.

Reactions to L.A. GOP's Pulse massacre memorial from liberals and conservatives

Rob the Realtor mans the (Orlando) Pulse Foundation signature wall at the LA Pride Parade in the aftermath of the first anti-Trump, Resist March. While LGBT activism professes pursuit of tolerance for all, for some people, it seemed to end at the Log Cabin Republicans booth.

ResistMarch drags trannys, LGBT towards far-leftist globalism, LGBT GOP's worry

Log Cabin Republican leader, Nestor Moto, Jr. reacts to West Hollywood Mayor and Christopher St. West dragging the traditionally inclusive LGBTQ L.A. Pride Parade towards a far-Leftist revolutionary "Resist March" stirring hysterics, fear, and social-division against Americans not in step with their agenda. Tyrannical subversives, like A.N.S.W.E.R. and Black Lives Matter were elevated and legitimized in the March and Rally. Mr. Moto says they seek to resume failed, liberal policies like open-borders and weakness against gay-hating Jihadism.

WeHo resident, Chris, proposes 2 theories to why WeHo Mayor Lauren Meister and Christopher St. West staff are subordinating their annual, "LA Pride "Parade into the Marxist, "Resist!March."

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