European analyst reveals Europe's love/ hate relationship with America - Jean Patrick Grumberg

European Commission Pres. Jean-Claude Juncker negotiated
tariffs with US Pres. Donald Trump 
When Pres. Donald Trump asked N.A.T.O. leaders in Europe to bear a fairer share of the cost of America providing them military protection, why did they balk so? Why was it reported so negatively? Why did American mainstream-media cast such a negative spin on Pres. Trump's attempts to renegotiate international tariff's towards America's favor? 

Jean Patrick Grumberg in Los Angeles
French-expatriate critic, Jean Patrick Grumberg, interprets Europe's love-hate relationship with America which began long-before the Trump administration. He believes that liberal news outlets won't report it accurately, despite it being in Americans' best interest. And the liberal bias is so great in Europe (where Associated Press and Reuters base their European reportage to America) that they won't fairly report issues related to Iran's interest in Islamic terror via immigrants.

While Mr. Trump pursues denuclearization via regime-change in Iran, Mr. Grumberg discusses European politicians' revealed and secret financial motivations, over the safety of the planet.

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