Did Clinton sell Islamists American policy and secrets? 'Democracy needs new strategies against political Islam '- Amb. John Bolton

The mainstream media has done nothing to seriously vet the connection between the Clintons and Saudi Arabia, and the key role Huma Abedin plays in the life and work of Hillary Clinton. Abedin not only lived in Saudi Arabia from the time she was two years old, but her mother, Saleha, currently lives in Saudi Arabia, runs the radical-Muslim, Journal for Muslim Minority Affairs (where Huma served as Assistant Editor for 12-years until Hillary brought her into the State Department (why?), and promotes Shariah law. - Lee Stranahan Breitbart.com 18 Jan 2016 
Al-Qaeda financier Abdullah Omar Naseef, Hillary Clinton, Saleha Abedin, daughter Huma (Photo: Walid Shoebat)
Saudi Arabia and Qatar Bankroll Islamic State and The Clinton Foundation How Hillary welcomed money from those she knew to be funding jihadist killers. by Joseph Klein, Frontpage Magazine, Oct. 13, 2016 
The governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and groups aligned with them, have not only been major funders of ISIS and other jihadist organizations, as she indicated, but they also have been big funders of the Clinton Foundation for years. Hillary has had no trouble taking money for her foundation from regimes that fund terrorists, oppress women, execute or imprison gays and apostates, and severely punish the exercise of free speech. 
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contributed between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation through June 2016, according to the Clinton Foundation’s own website (which only reports in ranges of total contributions). Wealthy individuals with close ties to the Saudi royal family have donated millions more. For example, Nasser al-Rashid, a multibillionaire adviser to the Saudi royal family, has donated between $1 million and $5 million.
A group calling itself Friends of Saudi Arabia also contributed between $1 million and $5 million. The National Review described the group as “a thinly veiled public-relations organ of the repressive Saudi regime.” National Review quoted a critique of Friends of Saudi Arabia by Ali Alyami, executive director of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia: “These are Saudi apologists. The country depends on propaganda. . . . When I saw the name ‘Friends of Saudi Arabia,’ I knew exactly what they were going to do and who was paying them. I just wrote them off.”
Although the Friends of Saudi Arabia group was trying to create a false positive image to American audiences of conditions for women in Saudi Arabia, which in fact are amongst the most repressive in the world, Hillary Clinton did not write the Saudi propaganda group off as long as the money kept flowing into her foundation’s coffers. As Alyami observed, “Our government and our people are for sale, and the Saudis know how to buy.”
Former US Amb. to the UN John Bolton addressed conference on Islam and Western Civilization held around Labor Day by the American Freedom Alliance in Los Angeles. The conference presented experts on contending with Islam's cultural and political expansionary nature- and whether it can co-exist within free societies.

Amb. Bolton spoke with A.F.A. Exec. Dir, Karen Siegemund about the West's recognition of Islamism as a political threat to Western Civilization and moderate Muslims everywhere.

Bolton told Dr. Karen Siegemund, "I think Donald Trump has delineated a clear path to defeat radical Islam before it inflicts any more damage on us."

Amb. Bolton called the Democrats' Iran JCPOA more than just a nuclear proliferation problem, but problematic as Democrats granted Iran cash-for-hostages which they now exploit in antagonizing a mollified America with conventional and terrorist hostilities. 

Amb. Bolton addressed his keynote overview of the current picture of Islamist imperialist aggression around the globe. He remarked (in this DemoCast.TV embedded video):
"I'd like to talk a little bit about the threat that radical-Islam and political-Islam, more broadly, pose to the United States and its friends in Europe and elsewhere around the world. I think it's important that we try to say at the outset every time this subject comes up- that we are talking about politics and ideology here. This is not a question of religion.  
And those who say that 'when you talk about radical-Islam you're insulting Muslims all over the world' are simply engaged in propaganda. It's actually Muslims themselves who have felt the worst effects of Islamic terrorism and who suffer under its rule in places as diverse as Iran and the Caliphate that ISIS now holds."

Amb. Bolton gave this example of Muslims trying to resist the Islamist expansion.

"(Jordan's) King Abdullah and other political leaders in the Middle East have said, 'This is a civil war within Islam. It's a struggle for how the religion is perceived around the world. You think of Gen. al-Sisi in Egypt who was courageous enough a couple of years ago to join the Coptic Christians and the Coptic Pope in their celebration of Christmas- and to say that "We are all Egyptians together" thus, among other reasons, putting a target on his back from the Muslim Brotherhood. So I think that this is a critical distinction to make. And one that those who don't want to have a clear understanding of radical-Islam are quick to try and obscure."

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