Millenials and minorities face-off over presidential politics at PolitiCon '16

Politicon photo 06-23-16Banner.pngPolitiCon's debut  convention was held in L.A. before the 2015 election last October, but for the 2016 election, was moved up to June 25th in Pasadena. 
Panelists (l-r) Guy Benson, Mary Katharine Ham, Jordan Carlos, Tomi Lahren, Versha Sharma, and Alice Ollstein
Versha Sharma of "Now This!" organized and moderated the panel "Millenials Calling "Bullsh*t!" described as:
People are quick to judge millennials, but their voices in journalism and beyond are demanding a need for diverse perspectives and authenticity. A discussion of how this new generation is shaping the news, and how everything you know about them is wrong.

Panelists: Jordan Carlos, Tomi Lahren, Alice Ollstein, Guy Benson, and Mary Katharine Ham. 

Latina, conservative, Anna Marsh Veneto, spoke outside of Black conservative, Larry Elder's panel at PolitiCon in October '15 to reveal how her family's experience in Argentina encourages Latin-Americans to back Donald Trump and Republican candidates, despite media and leftist attempts to smear the GOP as racist.

Ms. Veneto encourages Republicanism against Hillary Clinton's liberal policies towards illegal immigration- which lowers wages for minorites via increased competition. 

Mary Katharine Ham, a panelist on PoltiCon's "Millenials Call Bullsh*t" panel, discusses Trump's pro's and con's - and the problem of media bias to advocate for Democrats- using the conflating of Muslim-Americans and Trump's counter-Islamist immigration policy to smear the GOP and bolster the Democrat administration they helped put into (and hope to keep in) power.

Host of the pre-cancelled, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore answers questions from James Carville and audience members.

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