Massacre in Paris: How will West avert Islamization through migration?

Poll by ICM Research for the Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya.
Why France will do nothing about the Paris Massacre 
by David "Spengler" Goldman, Asia Times 11/15/15
Ignored in news coverage of the Paris massacre is the single most pertinent piece of background: A 2014 opinion poll found that ISIS had an approval rating in France (at 16%) almost as high as President Francois Holland (at 18%). In the 18-to-24-year-old demographic, ISIS’ support jumped to 27%.

Muslims comprise about a tenth of France’s population, so the results imply that ISIS had the support of the overwhelming majority of French Muslims (and especially Muslim youth), as well as the endorsement of a large part of the non-Muslim Left.  Read more:

California-surfer turned education-reformer, Rabbi Nachum Shifren has spoken-out against Islamization and Islamic Jew-hatred from Dearborn, Michigan to Whitehall in London (and other UK rallies with the English Defence League). Visiting L.A. from his current residence in Canada, Rabbi Shifren comments on the Paris Attacks ramifications.

The Education Rabbi, Nachum Shifren, endures Jew-hate-filled Islamists and left-wingers organized by left-wing agitators B.A.M.N. ("By Any Means Necessary") to call patriotic Americans to action - from Pastor Terry Jones' counter-sharia rally in Dearborn, Michigan on Friday 17 June 2011.

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