World, east and west, look to Israeli media for lessons in addressing Islamist terror

Lior Raz, co-creator and star of Israeli TV's "Fouda" action-drama series
Islamist war against Israel- then and now. Filmmakers involved in films screened at the 29th Israel Film Festival, "Sabena Hijacking: My Story" and episodes from the controversial, Palestinian-depicting, Israeli TV series "Fouda" speak before their screenings the Israel Film Festival Hollywood/Beverly Hills, California.

Nati Dinnar, producer "Sabena Hijacking: My Story" tells the story of the 1972 Sabena Airline hijacked en route to Tel Aviv.

Grandson of the real-life pilot depicted in docu-drama, "Sabena Hijacking: My Story" reveals how the event depicted affected their lives. Yaron Lipschitz had not yet seen the movie when he had spoken to our camera. 

Candid interview with "Fouda" Israeli action star,  Lior Raz

"Fouda" actor/co-producer, Lior Raz answers Israel Film Fest audience questions post-screening in Beverly Hills

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