World War II pilots offer inspiration in defeating tyranny, 70-years after Allied victory

Veteran pilots of the mighty 8th Air Force of World War II, Allied resistance against Axis conquest, gathered on the 70th anniversary of D-Day at Van Nuys Airport.  The Heritage League of the 2nd Air Division organized this gathering where several pilots, both of the European and Pacific theaters of operation, shared their experience and attitudes with us about defending liberty from imperialism. Nazi Germany declared its surrender to the Allies 11- months after D-Day, Japan announced its surrender 13 weeks later on August 15, 1945, commemorated as V-J ("Victory over Japan") Day. The veteran pilots retell their experiences and share perspective on confronting tyranny today.

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Actor and singer, Bill A. Jones, serves as host and introduces guest-speaker, Ms. Marte Cohn, a French nurse, who recalls how she survived the Nazi occupation as a result of kindnesses of French citizens (and her ability to transfer information to the Allies). 

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