Share "Stop Iran Rally" speech videos to urge Congress to demand stronger Iran-terms- experts say

Thousands of people marched on Times Square in opposition to Obama's Iran sanctions / nuclear deal. Experts and luminaries delivered impassioned remarks. Watch experts address the crowd of 13,000 (estimated) at Times Square of why to contact and hold Democrat congressmen and Senators to accountability to override the White House's expected veto.

Democracy Broadcasting originally published the nearly 3 hour video clips from the event in July. We also release individual clips onto YouTube gradually over time. Here are list of some of the newly-individually published segments which, because they are from the latter portions of the progam, deserve greater prominence and attention.

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, co-organizer of the Stop Iran Rally, addresses the reach of the videos from the event.

US Rep. Trent Franks: Iran-terms' flaws- tell Congress to reject it for better.

WMD-expert, Rep. Pete Hoekstra (ret. R- MI) knows Iran nuclear development well.

Clare Lopez ex-CIA, exposes flaws in Iran nuclear proposal; StopIranRally NYC

Orwellian Obama has you in the battle for your lives! Think-tank leader, Herb London.

"Politicians fear an informed electorate, like you"- Genevieve Wood, The Heritage Foundation, Capitol Hill, D.C.

Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely- "I'm fed-up w this White House's deception and lies"at Stop-Iran Rally

Adm. James (Ace) Lyons accuses Obama/ Jarrett of imperiling America for Islamist means.

Survivor of Iran-funded terror, Sarri Singer's impassioned story.  

ex-NY Gov. George Pataki slams Obama's détente with Iran; Tell Congress to override Obama's veto.

Defeat Iran-nuclear bill! Richard Allen and Jeff Wiesenfeld lead Times Square rally to elected representatives

Stop Iran Rally: Talk-radio's Kevin McCullough 'Why your Congressmen should block Iran bill!'

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