Will free people stop excusing Muslim violence against those objecting to Muslim violence?

To mainstream media, Garland, Texan cartoonists are not equivalent to Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. How will the media's attempt to divert blame for police's killing of cartoon-jihadists onto AFDI's Pamela Geller (rather than the Muslim gunmen) influence future Muslims against critics?

Bosch Faustin won the American Freedom Defense Initiative's "Draw Mohammed" contest- held in Garland, Texas in response to a Muslim, "Islamophobia"
event held there in reaction to the Muslim massacre of the staff at Paris' Charlie Hebdo satire magazine. Phoenix Muslims, Nadir Soofi and Elton ("Ibrahim") Simpson, felt obliged to drive to Garland to attempt to massacre the event with assault rifles.  CNN reported
Elton Simpson, one of the two men who were foiled in an attempted attack on the Prophet Muhammad exhibit in Garland, Texas, was in private contact with known jihadists overseas who were encouraging Simpson to launch an attempted attack, multiple officials tell CNN. . . . 
The FBI has found private communications between Simpson and some prominent terrorists whom he also had public exchanges with on Twitter including Jenaid Hussein, a British national tied to ISIS and Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan, an American now believed to be in Somalia and part of that country's al Qaeda affiliate al Shabaab, according to one law enforcement official.
Why do Muslims who attack feel justified in breaking criminal law?  In Norway, Mullah Krekar tells this Norwegian videojournalist what he teaches in person and online:

Should it be labled "provocation" to teach violence against one criticizing that some Muslims advocate to kill a non-Muslim drawing Mohammed? 
"Ask a Muslim" stand proselytizes on Santa Monica's 3rd St. Promenade
At L.A.'s TruthFest in autumn, 2014 Counter Jihad Coalition's Steve Amundsen explained his group's table on Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade- established, he says, in response to the, "Ask a Muslim" dawa (proselytizing) stand set-up to attract converts from Christianity and other faiths to Islam. 
Counter-Jihad Coalition's Steve Amundson

Truth Defenders' Louis Lionheart says he has held such forums for 16 years

TruthDefenders' Louis Lionheart sets up a multimedia, public forum, including microphones, video monitors, and camcorders to present and record his group's comparison of Christianity and Islam. On DemoCast.TV, you can see many types of people engaging Mr. Lionheart before the passers-by- ranging from antagonists to supporters. 

The American Freedom Defense Initiative of Pamela Geller
Protests at January Islam event at Curtis Cullwell Center
and Robert Spencer, like the Santa Monica counter-jihadists, staged their Mohammed Cartoon contest in response to what they considered a provocation- a Muslim "Islamophobia" conference (held
in the wake of the jihadist massacre of Paris' Charlie Hebdo staff) at the same Garland, Texas Conference Center: 
Geller said that the Cartoon Exhibit was a logical next step following AFDI’s Free Speech Rally in Garland: “This event will stand for free speech and show that Americans will not be cowed by violent Islamic intimidation. That is a crucial stand to take as Islamic assaults on the freedom of speech, our most fundamental freedom, are growing more insistent.” AFDI Website

Steve, a free-thinking, Santa Monican, commonly engages the open-mic debatees. He offers perspective on the Promenade phenomenon, in view of the Garland, Texas Muslim-attempted massacre on critics of Islam, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller.


Alisyn Camerota blames Pamela Geller, not Muslim,
Counter-Jihad Coalition and TruthDefenders, like the Muslim groups, are afforded Promenade police protection. In addition to security cameras, they have undercover guards around the crowd. But will the recent media boomerang of blame for Pamela Geller (and not the Muslim attackers) for the attacks on the American Freedom Defense Initiative's Mohammed Cartoon Competition ultimately encourage future, Muslim attacks on public forum debates on the Promenade? 

In "Pamela Geller's critics are proving her point," by David French writes in National Review:
... The fury against Pamela Geller is motivated mostly by fear — by the understanding that there are indeed many, many Muslims who believe that blasphemy should be punished with death, and who put that belief into practice. It’s motivated by the fear that our alliances with even “friendly” Muslim states and “allied” Muslim militias are so fragile that something so insignificant as a cartoon would drive them either to neutrality or straight into the arms of ISIS.
(Credit: Reuters/Keith Bedfored/AP/David Karp)
That’s why even the military brass will do something so unusual as call a fringe pastor of a tiny little church to beg him not to post a YouTube video. That’s why the president of the United States — ostensibly the most powerful man in the world — will personally appeal to that same pastor not to burn a Koran. They know that hundreds of millions of Muslims are not “moderate” by any reasonable definition of that word, and they will,in fact, allow themselves to be provoked by even the most insignificant and small-scale act of religious satire or defiance. After all, there are Muslim communities that will gladly burn Christians alive to punish even rumored blasphemy.
British tourists engage Louis Lionheart over their concern of government leaders' tolerance towards Islamization.

Often, 9/11 truthers like Joey (in the next video) will challenge Islamism's role in the attacks of Sept. 11th with "Loose Change" finger-pointing at the George Bush/Dick Cheney alleged complicity in letting the attacks happen.

Louis Lionheart sends Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller a message of encouragement on behalf of the Muslims, Christians, and others who are suffering oppression and persecution at the hands of Islamism. He supports caricaturing and parodying to promote defiance of the precepts of hostility and intimidation used to kill or convert others to Islam.

Jim Tapscott of the Ramona (San Diego) Tea Party explained last April that Pamela Geller was one of three counter-jihad lecturers they had brought in (over time) to educate in a  public meeting on that subject.

Will the media reaction against AFDI make groups now more reluctant to invite or publicize events of counter-jihad education for safety from emboldened Islamists?

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